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Feeding your Lusitano – New challenges for an old breed:

Starting out with an important article on how to feed your Lusitano horse we are more than delighted to announce a collaboration with top veterinarian FEI João Crespo. You need to read this as it is invaluable knowledge for all Lusitano owners.

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How to feed your Lusitano in 8 steps

Veterinarian João Crespo is back again, this time with a practical and easy guide on how to feed your Lusitano following 8 simple steps. A must read for all Lusitano owners.

This text is a continuation of João Crespo’s previous article with us: “Feeding your Lusitano – New challenges for an old breed” which you can read here.

By: João Crespo

The goal of this article is to help you establish in an easy and practical way a healthy feeding regime for your Lusitano. This advice is being given for an average 500Kg healthy horse in regular work (1h per day). If your horse is in high level competition or if it’s a broodmare or a foal, you should talk first with your Vet to plan a specific regime for them.

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