Nadja Maria

I’ve worked with Joao Crespo for over 4 years, and he is by far the most competent and knowledgeable veterinary I’ve ever met. Over the years we worked together on almost everything related to veterinary work with horses, from the detailed and thorough Pre-purchase exam, over acute injuries and mysterious deceases to the smallest wound and general management. Joao Crespo is in everything he does extremely focused, devoted and responsible and always with what is best and fair for the horse as his primary focus point.

His holistic approach to treatments and veterinary assistance creates the best processes for the horses, be it recovering from an injury, improving general state or advancing the performance of the horse. Because he is also able to give advice on adjusting details in nutrition, supplements, shoeing and much more, he can help keep our horses at their best ability at all times and instead of waiting for treatment after the damage is done, he is able to help prevent it from occurring. This to me is of high importance, as even the smallest thing can have the biggest importance, and he is always ready with advice and assistance - no matter how big or small the issue might be.

Being the most professional and skilled veterinary I’ve ever worked with, Joao is at the same time very good at breaking the things down and teaching owners and grooms about the issues, as well as he is always ready to take time out to make sure everybody around the horse understands what is going on. He is able to communicate the most complex issues and make them understandable for everybody. With many clients and horse owners thousands of miles away, it is very important to me that they always feel safe and understand what is being done and why. With his honesty and integrity he has become one of the most trusted partners at our farm.

Joao Crespo is for these and so many more reasons the best veterinary I could ever recommend to anyone. Maybe most of all because he deeply loves what he does, and he truly cares for the animals, all of them.

Thank you. For always being right, and for always being there.

Nadja Maria

Manager at Quinta da Varzea

João Mota

Ser-me-á muito dificil escrever umas palavras sem que nada fique por dizer.

Em conjunto como uma verdadeira equipa, desde o “Uxmall” ao “Maestro” com a colaboração do Mateus, do Marquinho, do Sousa, do Moreira e da Francisca, todos juntos, Vet, Cavaleiro, Cavalos e Tratadores, ao longo do tempo formamos uma verdadeira familia!

Para além de muitas historias e peripécias, desde loucas viagens e noites sem dormir em pró dos cavalos, que guardo com carinho na minha memória,também traçamos um longo percurso desportivo… Campeões e Vice Campeões Nacionais de Séniores, participamos num mundial, três Europeus, e inúmeras taças das Nações, em representação da seleção nacional,acabando o nosso percurso com um10º lugar por equipas no Europeu de Madrid 2011!!

Sem todo o seu apoio, afinco, profissionalismo, dedicação e paixão pelo nosso desporto/ cavalos o caminho não teria sido o mesmo!

Em meu nome e de todos os meus cavalos, o nosso muito Obrigado Crespo.

Um grande abraço amigo do Uxmall, Eglante, Impression Deg, Maestro,

João Mota, Portugal.

Silvia Doria

"I purchased a healthy two years old horse in May 2015 – It was decided to leave him turned out but under supervision, with 3 other young horses of the same age until he turned three years of age, in March 2016.

Unfortunately the horse was not supervised during this time and arrived at his stables early December 2015, earlier than planned and upon my request, in an appalling condition and having lost all body mass; upon arrival at the breeder’s stables he developed an impaction colic which lasted 4 days with resulting ulceration of his stomach lining. Thankfully I had been introduced to Dr João Crespo by a mutual friend last March 2015. I called João to establish the causes of my horse dramatic emaciation. He swiftly reassured me and helped me diagnose my horse condition including grade 4 ulcers and emaciation through starvation, using state of the art equipment on site (portable gastro scope), but also most importantly he showed tact, great communication skills and horsemanship, with both the youngster and me:- a very distressed owner.

Subsequently to his diagnosis, Dr João Crespo advised me on a suitable nutritional and medical program to offset the devastating effects of starvation whilst reassuring me throughout (I live and work in London which added to my angst though out this ordeal). João introduced me and referred my young horse to a new equine rehabilitation facility called Hidrovet near Sintra. My horse will now undergo a water based physio therapy using Water treadmill, Hydrotherapy SPA and Vibrating platform to gently and safely rebuild his muscles and strengthen him in order to tackle his journey home to the UK. I am grateful to Dr João Crespo for his knowledge and empathic, tactful approach to both horse and owner. I highly recommend Crespo Vet services!”

Régine Fridli

Je voulais juste rajouter un petit mot à la suite des nombreux témoignages d’autres clients qui ont déjà été conquis par le Dr. João Crespo. J’ai récemment fait l’acquisition d’un cheval lusitanien au Portugal et les personnes qui m’accompagnaient m’ont recommandé ce vétérinaire afin de faire une visite complète d’achat. Je viens d’un pays où le sérieux des vétérinaires est connu et je dois dire que je ne m’attendais pas à avoir une telle visite. En effet, ne pouvant y assister pour des questions purement géographiques (à plus de1’800 km), j’ai été agréablement surprise de recevoir le lendemain de l’examen de mon futur cheval les radios, le rapport complet et, en prime, les vidéos de la visite. C’est comme si j’avais été présente ! Le tout également envoyé simultanément à mon vétérinaire suisse pour information. Alors là, bravo!

Rapport précis et plus que complet, souci du détail et un grand sens de l’impartialité dans son jugement! De plus, contact téléphonique avec des explications, non pas savantes, mais claires pour la profane que je suis en médecine équine. J’étais déjà conquise à ce stade.

Par la suite, j’ai eu différents problèmes pour l’organisation de l’

expédition de mon cheval du Portugal vers la Suisse. Encore, à ce stade, une très grande assistance de sa part afin de régler tous les problèmes. Même ceux à qui on ne pense pas toujours…

En résumé, si vous recherchez un vétérinaire sérieux, efficace et précis, un traducteur, bien utile dans certains cas, un conciliateur, également bien utile quand tout ne roule pas comme vous le pensez, une personne qui est toujours à votre écoute et que vous projetez d’acheter un cheval au Portugal, alors n’hésitez pas, vous l’avez trouvé, il s’appelle Dr. João Crespo.

Merci mille fois João pour tout ce que vous avez fait pour moi et surtout pour mon cheval, Mr. Bardina.

Régine Fridli, propriétaire heureuse d’un cheval lusitanien, Genève Suisse

Cátia Castro

Dr. Crespo is an exceptional professional. Explains diagnostic / exams / treatments in detail but in a simple way so any person understands them. He made my horse’s Pre Purchase Exam about 3 years ago, that help me have a good and informed decision on acquiring my Dexeno (JGR). The best policy to avoid problems is to prevent, so Dr. Crespo also makes every year a full check up exam to my horse, and fortunately everything is good. Always have treated my horse very well, with a good perception that is not only the scientific aspect of the veterinarian approach that is important, but also his contact and relationship with the horse he as stand before him.

Dr. Crespo makes available multiple solutions, like acupuncture and other therapies. Impartial, with recognized knowledge in his field of work, friendly and a good listener always available to answer questions*, makes me strongly recommend him.

One time I phoned Dr. Crespo in his free time (I did not know), with a question, and he was kind to answer me, before I hang up the call he told me he was in his scuba diving clothing gear ready to jump in the water. This is how this vet is really available for his clients.

Thank you João!

Cátia Castro & Dexeno (JGR), amateur rider, Portugal.

Anthony and Janet Stephens

My Wife and I were recommended to contact Joao Crespo when we found a suitable Lusitano stallion in Portugal. From our first telephone call he was really helpful and friendly, listening to our requests and concerns. He happily agreed to work with our Equine Vet in Spain and amend his schedule to include some extra requests and checks. His command of the English and Spanish languages are nearly as good as his Veterinary skills; this was ideal for us.

Joao carried out two examinations for us, we attended them and his comments and advice during the exams were invaluable to us, he kept telephone contact with our Vet as and when necessary.

All videos , X-rays and an Ultrasound check were forwarded and the two Vets came to a joint conclusion; great international cooperation. Sadly we declined to purchase the first horse but when we found another suitable one we contacted Joao again and we were second time lucky but all minor problems were fully discussed by the two Vets and thanks to such a professional and thorough job we purchased with confidence. We would recommend his services very highly.

A big thank you Joao!

Anthony and Janet Stephens.


Nicole Giger

For many years, for different horses and different medical issues Dr. João Crespo is always the veterinary of my choice, as I trust 100% in his judgment. I appreciate not only his broad knowledge but also the way how he communicates with the client, always open-minded to discuss and explain the case, so the best treatment for the horse can be found. I always will recommend Dr. João Crespo.

Nicole Giger, Switzerland

Jody Hartstone

When buying horses in Portugal it is imperative for me to have a veterinary surgeon whom I can trust to work to a very high standard when it comes to pre-purchase exams. I was first introduced to Joao Crespo in 2011 and he has vetted approximately 7 horses for me since then. I find his knowledge of the Lusitano as a breed has made me more aware of what is “normal” within the breed and any health factors I need to be aware of. His Xrays are of high quality and it is never an issue to have them emailed to New Zealand so I can get a second opinion frommy home vets. Joao is very accommodating with international regulations and timelines for export. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend João Crespo to any international buyer looking to purchase competition and breeding horses in Portugal.

Jody Hartstone, International Grand Prix Dressage rider Lusitano Breeder New Zealand