From December 2015 we have a new portable unit from the reputable brand SOUND. This equipment brings to our patients the latest developments in equine radiology available. The new CANON panel made with the newest wireless technology, brings an outstanding image quality due to his faster acquisition times. The DELL workstation comes with a 15.6” UltraSharp™ 4K Wide View Display 3840×2160 resolution and touchscreen, allowing for the finest details to be seen, making the most demanding diagnosis, possible.


We are equipped with a Sonosite© Micromaxx with a linear probe of 13MHz and a convex probe of 2-5MHz. This equipment allows high quality digital images, essential for a precise diagnose.


In 2006 the Clinic bought a 3m videoendoscope supported by a powerful Xenon light source. Its compact presentation allows it to be easily transported, making possible that exams are made at the clients house without the need of transporting your horse. With a large experience over the last years in sport horses, we have more than 200 exams made, working mainly with referral cases.


The clinic has both a 3m videoendoscope and a 1,67m fiberendoscope. This systems are completed with an halogen or with a Xenon light source, both of them allowing for real time recording of all images.