Lameness Examination

A lameness examination is the evaluation of a horse’s gait with the goal of establishing the presence of any irregularity or asymmetry. After a thorough physical examination, the horse is observed under the three gates both in the soft and hard ground, straight line and circle. Flexion and extension tests are made to allow for a correct judgment about the possible source of pain. Whenever necessary diagnostic anesthesia is performed as regional blocks, intraarticular or intratechal procedures. Once the area of complain is established, complementary exams such as x ray or ultrasound are undertake to allow for a definitive diagnostic to be achieved. We work in close cooperation with other facilities that allow us to provide state of the art diagnostic imaging such as MRI or Cintigraphy.

Lameness examinations are the main share of our work at the clinic. With a huge experience in the disciplines of Show Jumping, Dressage and Flat Racing, we take an holistic approach in all our clinical cases combining sports medicine, imagiology, chiropractic and shoeing. Knowing that our patients are athletes, we try to provide the best therapeutic options that better suites your horse’s case.