Acupunture is a therapeutic aproach recognised by the World Health Organization. It consist on the application of a stimulus (Acupunctured needle, laser, homeopathic medicine), in one or more specipic point at the skin (Acupuncture Points). The goals of Veterinary Acupuncture are the preservation of the health and well being of the animal. Veterinary Acupuncture acts on the individual in order to stimulate hisinnate ability to restore balance.

In the equine Acupunture is used under many circunstances:

  • Digestive System (ex .colic);
  • Respiratoty System (ex. RAO/COPD);
  • Urinary System (ex recurrent cystitis);
  • Dermatology (ex chronic or recurrent dermatitis);
  • Neurology (ex. ataxia, behavior disturbs);
  • Orthopedics and Rehabilitation;

The use of Acupunture in Equine is supported by:

  • Is clinical results
  • Integrations of other therapeutic modalities
  • No dopping